1500 Laramie Longhorn Crew 4×4 5.7L V8 Hemi

  • 72,000 miles

Exact same point others mentioned 2012 Ram 5.7 72k Miles Password P0303 replaced coil and you may plugs or any other symptomatic operate. Cha Ching Cha Ching pissing far more $$ out nonetheless did not resolve they. mechanic recommendation should be to replace system within $8500 dollars because of challenging problems with POS System.

I thought I purchased a “authoritative put car” with 28k miles however, promise ended last year! In the event it was a horse, i would personally take it!

1500 Express 5.7L V8

  • 107,five-hundred kilometers

P0305 misfire followed by P0300 around load. Changed the fresh new ignite plugs followed by the brand new coil pack. Went Seafoam from intake and you may Secret oil regarding the crankcase and power tank. Temporarily solved but it came back not 80 miles afterwards. Took they on provider and you may cylinder unsuccessful a leak off shot from the 60%. Later on prognosis demonstrated the brand new rotation regarding camshaft that have bad direction into the rocker arm out-of cylinder 5. Tube lead eliminated and you may there was a broken bolt on the latest fatigue manifold.

I’m now obtaining the top quality rebuilt at a price out-of $3400. Figuring 2012 and you will earlier Ram 1500s has actually good 20% chance of this dilemma developing on ridiculously reduced mileage. Merely is pledge it actually was badly are built lifters or this will absolutely occurs again. Protecting pieces having a possible class step suit.

1500 5.7L Hemi

  • 143,246 kilometers

Chrysler knows so it valve teach condition regarding the 5.7 Hemi system, yet has been doing absolutely nothing to recall the automobile, mend the problem otherwise compensate this new sufferers ones hideous engines. Brand new cam rollers secure and you can wreck the newest lifters and speak on low mileages.

1500 4.7L

  • 145,000 miles

New specialist claims they might improve new 8 cylinder, chances are they merely titled stating I wanted yet another motor. I’m prepared some dough.

1500 SXT 5.7L

Techniques repairs complete on a Dodge broker. Truck just had 100k from inside the kilometer. And no cautions whatsoever, system just closed shedding all power. Almost got back any sort of accident using my man on the vehicle.

1500 SL 5.7L

Bidded and obtained it vehicles from inside the a market. Didn’t come with indisputable fact that that it POS keeps view engine white fault (owing to Covid-19 lockdown, I decided not to head to public auction in advance of on the web putting in a bid time to find out everything i try to purchase) A lot of time facts brief, found datingmentor.org/farmers-dating/ via OBD2 that #5 tube is actually misfiring. Just after trading ignition coil and you will spark plugs, it’s obvious if you ask me that this 2012 Ram 1500 that have throughout the 122,000km has the feared hit a brick wall roller lifter/flattened camshaft malady.

Even though this are an expensive fix, I would love to solve which monster and use it for some time. But immediately following training other contributors tales from woe regarding your multiple issues with the five.eight hemi motor, my believe try severely shaken. Carry out I come upon higher priced problems later? Which truck are past promise and thus one fixes will be with your own money. Ought i just take which question returning to new market and you will grieve my personal losings?

It is looking like You will find an equivalent point since the many others right here. The vehicle become shuttering, removed to your a repair center, requirements expressed misfire into the #3, and you will #5 cylinders. $600 tuneup, electricity system cleanout, and you will about three instances after, right back on the run. 15 kilometers later come shuttering once again. Got so you can an indication shop. 4 days after, the fresh new indication is ok. Back to my mechanic. He did not split with the engine however, studies show (predicated on so it ailment thread while others) its likely a chat/lifter topic. Prior to I purchase that type of money on a trailer that have 135k miles, I am considering trade. Exactly what a shame, I love which vehicle, it’s over high as yet.