It’s no secret that most audiences no longer trust traditional forms of advertising. That’s why native ads are a better way to reach your target audience. Native advertising consists of ads that blend seamlessly into content, and the data shows they work.

The latest native advertising statistics confirm that native ads are more engaging and trustworthy. Plus, they generate more clicks and sales than other forms of advertising. Native display ads have a click-through rate (CTR) that’s 8.8 times higher than regular display ads.

As well as using native ads in your web content, you can do mobile and video native advertising campaigns. But how do you decide what a good native ad campaign looks like? Here we share ten successful native advertising examples to inspire you.

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1. eSalon

As the only beauty brand providing custom-blended hair color for home use, eSalon has a specific niche market. The company used the Taboola Data Marketplace to hone in on the right audience. Taboola Data Marketplace makes third-party data within the Taboola platform from leaders in the space available to advertisers.

At the same time, eSalon created long-form content to explain the product, the concept and the need. Within their long-form content was a personalized survey, adding an engaging layer of gamification to their campaign. eSalon’s native ad campaigns led potential customers to that organic content, with headlines such as, “The Best Kept Secret in Coloring Gray Hair.”

2. ContaAzul

ContaAzul, a Brazilian financial and small business management startup, aimed to guide entrepreneurs and generate leads with targeted content. But its content wasn’t reaching the right people. Its previous solution either generated website visits or bought in a few leads, but not both.

That changed when ContaAzul began running native discovery campaigns with Taboola. Taboola’s predictive technology and audience data allowed the company to reach the right people with the right content at the right time. With more accurate targeting, the educational content created by ContaAzul was able to reach the audience most likely to want to read and engage with it.

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3. Blinkist

The Blinkist app distills insights from more than 2,000 non-fiction books into packs that an entrepreneur or small business owner can consume in about 15 minutes.

The company had two goals with its native ad campaigns. First, scale up its customer acquisition efforts. Second, establish Blinkist Magazine as a valuable resource for personal development content. This is now one of our most successful native advertising examples.

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4. RIGHNative

RIGHTNative is a native programmatic platform, a member of MOLI Group, designed to deliver seamless advertisement for both advertisers and publishers. We have successed in many countries. This native ads example shows that even highly specialized niches can use native campaigns effectively. RIGHTNative wanted to run a targeted promotion to reach potential customers in the world. The company created a series of branded videos, banner advertising goods that were on sale for a specified period.

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