8 Mobile Native Advertising Types


Mobile advertising is at $21 billion industry, it’s time to get specific and define what we’re actually talking about.

If you are playing the game of advertising your apps or content over the web, you might already be familiar with the ongoing trend of native advertisement. This form of advertisement has been subject to much attention by a number of advertising agencies and app developers alike. One can find far more information about fixed book. It is perhaps because of its effectiveness and acceptance by the common public.

You must be wondering as to what are the real benefits of native ads over the conventional ones. Well, first and foremost, native ads have a much higher response rate from viewers. This is perhaps due to their ability to blend in with the surrounding content and appear as an editorial rather than as an explicit ad.

This prompts the viewer to actually click it. Native ads are a form of content marketing and can therefore be very effective in making the viewer click it through a very compelling message.
Moreover, native ads can be shared and this means if the viewer knows someone who might be interested, the ad can spread quite easily among people. This is therefore a digital form of word of mouth.

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It is common for people to think of native mobile ads similar to those that run on the web. Although not significant, the difference is still worthy of being understood. Native mobile ads can take the form of in-app advertisements and this requires a different form of search optimization than when you are using google or other social media platforms.

App stores have different algorithms and therefore App store optimization is a factor when dealing with native ads. Furthermore, native search ads that appear on search engines on the web have a different form and content than those on a mobile device.

A new set of guidelines will give native advertising some much-needed direction — and definition

The guidelines, called The Mobile Native Ad Formats, come from the Mobile Marketing Association, the leading global non-profit trade group for mobile marketing.

The Mobile Native Ad Formats answers burning questions like “What is native advertising?” and “How do native ads work?” and goes through a new set of eight clearly-defined mobile native ad formats.

The eight official new mobile native ad formats are:

  • In-feed (social)
  • In-feed (content)
  • In-feed (commerce)
  • In-map
  • In-game
  • Paid search
  • Recommendation widgets
  • Custom

The MMA worked closely with native advertising leaders such as Sharethrough to categorize the formats.