Choose about smorgasbord of Sumana!

On the Saturday, honoring you to definitely Russian Records ensure that you a beneficial Russian code decide to try, We used my “Ni pukha ni pera . k chyorty!” t-shirt plus one particularly three or four Russian audio system observed it approvingly.

And this entryway is actually an agglomeration off a bunch of posts that’s been floating within my direct recent months.

I love her or him

Air hockey. Once i played up against Steve to your Saturday once supper, I overcome him 7-4. Nonetheless it is personal at a few moments! The guy experienced they an extremely reputable appearing. “

Racial profiling. So now it’s occurred to a single of my pals. Anirvan said instead clear facts you to authorities on four of four shelter checkpoints avoided him — a brown bearded man — lengthier than simply they did a very nearly identical Taiwanese kid whenever they travelled to and from certain room when you look at the Canada recently. You will find combined thinking. It is humiliating. Additionally it is a bit intellectual. Since the Michael Kinsley detailed, if most of the we realize towards terrorists is the appearance, would be to we actually pub our selves from using one to inside preventing future hijackings? Then again, given the heightened secutiry methods, tend to they just be sure to hijack again, otherwise could it possibly be some other approach we aren’t expecting? (The latest in other places-in-Record “we should instead make the impossible evil thinkable to track down in the brains regarding terrorists” dispute by the William Saletan.)

A bunch of Russian-related content. Just how would be to children determine what to watch on tv? The newest answers revealed you as very different someone. Within my Russian classification, Cinzia asserted that anyone is take converts, easy-supposed Sean arranged, We facetiously argued one *I* is always to select the program (my putative companion preferring to read through), Makiko mentioned that new spouse is determine, and you can Jeff recommended having several televisions, backing it up that have an anecdote away from a crazy buddy. That’s the group in short. Well, there is certainly the amount of time when we talked about individuals we trust, and i said my dated English teacher Sam Hatch, and Sean talked about an artist buddy out-of his, and you will Makiko chatted about Mom Teresa, and Jeff talked about Jesus. Possibly that’s a far greater nutshell, nevertheless cannot become Cinzia, as she was missing one to big date.

Russian child’s cartoons. That’s what we’ve been watching. He has so it absurdist feeling you to I’ve been forgotten when you look at the children’s coding for ages.

Most us regarding the group involve some prior sense within the French. The most famous words whereby i eventually make use of the French is actually “with” and you will “and you can” and you will “however,.” not, into Monday, I do believe, Jeff told you “Apres” getting “after” and you may didn’t know the way they had occurred.

Zhenia, my personal Russian teacher, remains sick. The latest FBI just put-out an alert that being said, in effect, “our company is expecting some other huge radical assault, however, do not see when otherwise where. Merely soon.” Particular NBC staff within the New york just checked confident to own anthrax. It might be paranoid to connect this new dots and you can conclude you to Zhenia has arrived off that have B. anthracis, proper?

It reminded myself you to to have a lot of history semester, my personal writings records have a tendency to did actually feature simply “concept arrangements and hockey scores

  • In this show, the fresh new editors keeps broke up out of the Therapist Troi properties and you may given sexiness for the Vulcan woman and you may emotional uselessness towards the translator.
  • If Planet feels as though the united states, and it’s really merely starting during the interplanetary politics and you will Vulcan’s constantly seeking reduce Terran exploratory/interventionist reactions, following perhaps Earth : Us :: Vulcan : Europe. This needs a little works, however, In my opinion that it’s probably a product with explanatory stamina.