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A10 INGRID GUNBERG (Sverige) Constellation along with Psychosynthesis Within working area, we’re going to manage both counselor engagement in their program other than that of client in order to come across in which there clearly was a gap to help you selection. Using the practice of constellations around a live case, we are going to speak about invisible pushes which can impede the treatment-techniques for example entanglement, disengagement, help or even the decreased they. You’ll encounter space for a few or maybe more issues.Constellations try a powerful and book way of resolving facts from high weight in ways that time sensitively and only so you can seeing anew. ”ExperientialLanguage: English / Italian

A11 ELKE Instinct (Schweiz), ANTON FIECHTER (Italia) Psychosynthesis and you will Astrology Can we look for a simultaneous between the Psychosynthesis means and astrology? Can there be a relation between the three degrees of the brand new identification: actual, emotional and you will mental and the astrological globes Saturn, the newest Moon in addition to Sunlight? Just how do dis-identification be used regarding the astrological viewpoint? The latest transpersonal worlds Uranium, Neptune and you will Pluto – a try in the a great psychosynthesis interpretation. Just how can the need be interpreted which have psychosynthesis astrology in an enthusiastic analogy concerning your motif out of delivery? This type of inquiries will be handled and you can elaborated on workshop.Experiential – TheoreticalLanguage: Italian language / Italian

It’s seriously thinking of moving observe customers method this new Purchases out-of Like and you may in an instant melt towards the delicate and intimate like, despite a lifetime of hate, rage and you will discipline

A12 MASSIMILIANA MOLINARI, ELODIE MIGLIORINI (Italia) Away from stereotypes so you’re able to archetypes: of dependency to Unity – an effective psychosynthesis proposition to own emotional reliance We suggest a team feel where users would-be anticipate to make use of human body procedure, art and you may files having acknowledging gender stereotypes. Something out of disidentification from the could be actuated with each other a great path that may unravel to the level out-of attention to the brand new male and female archetypes resonating within the person’s interior world. The fresh working area have a tendency to end with a reflection into interior commitment and Common Relationship, drawing together with about idea out of quantum entanglement.ExperientialLanguage: Italian

Brand new founder away from constellations work Bert Hellinger also calls which really works “Requests out of Like” and says:“When we understand the general regulations that enable desire unfold, we ilies and people to track down alternatives

A13 FRANCESCA PECCI (Italia) Brand new misconception regarding Persephone as well as the transmutation out-of limitations as a consequence of Developmental Drama Developmental Drama is a system from Individual Progress. Initially it will help to cultivate an integral identification; next they renders service in order to supposed outside the character and you may opening a high dimension out-of Awareness that grizzly prices have your own Functions, starting Balance and you may Beauty. This new substratum principle of your own works proposed is the measurement off Greek Mythology and the Eleusinian Mysteries, specifically brand new trial gone through throughout the Myth of Cyane and you may Persephone. The fresh new Misconception identifies symbolically the journey you to person Awareness must go through to help you evolve and it also reminds us of your own share that Psychology can offer compared to that impact. Inside Working area users commonly discuss the Misconception and its particular subtle feel along with through mind-storming; utilizing the leader they’ll perform a number of representations having fun with improvisation and will also be ready both to share with you on their own and you can the tensions as well as cultivate and you can activate a measurement of Class performs.Experiential – TheoreticalLanguage: Italian

A14 PIERO RIGHELLI, NURIEL FRANSOSA (Italia) Psychosynthesis and you will Instruction: strengthening the long term Psychosynthesis and Classes have many items in keeping regarding your procedure of change. Each other tends to be advised to people otherwise organizations who would like to visited the new private otherwise existential objectives, to create her coming. Each other support the way from the current state in order to a desired county, establishing the newest highlight into individual’s obligations, towards his creative capacities as well as on using the desire (in addition to since something of preference). They go for and keep maintaining the entire process of self-summary. Psychosynthesis can be enrich Classes having position, breadth, attention, techniques and methods. Training is enhance the fresh Psychosynthesis process featuring its particular ways self-conflict, curious, encouraging the newest summary of private otherwise class tips. Concerted action between Sessions and you can Psychosynthesis permits the introduction of a good brand new variety of Psychosynthesis professionalism that can are employed in the elements regarding works, addressing an effective demand already spoken. Throughout the workshop members often experience affairs out-of contact as well as growth in the fulfilling between Psychosynthesis and Sessions, preferred and you will certain products and will talk about you’ll be able to upcoming point of views.Experiential – TheoreticalLanguage: Italian / English