Maximize Monthly Revenue With RIGHTNative


When using native ads, it could be a bit frustrating to get to along with all their formats. Two of the most common questions that publishers wonder are “Which type of native ads perform the best?” and “Where should I place it, in order to optimize my revenue and also improve users’ experience?”. 

If you happened to be wondering about those questions, then this blog post is for you. We are going to walk you through all the formats of native ads, which is our specialty, and provide tips and tricks on how to use them effectively. 

The key point in this blog is ad placement so you will get the most revenue out of one ad (high CPM) and positive user’s interaction (attract more visitors). 

Now, let’s go through all of the widgets that are the most effective. 

Under-article widget: 

6 Takeaways from Native Advertising vs. PPC | Seer Interactive

  • The most powerful widget that allows generating higher CPM, thus creating more revenue;
  • Looks the most natural under all articles as it would blend in well with the UI and users will look at the panel as if they are other articles on the site.  
  • Has a 40-60% visibility rate.
  • Overall, the most common type of native ads, perform well on all sites and all demographics. .

In-article widget

Bing Offers Native Ads in Its PPC Platform | Practical Ecommerce

  • Resizes from 2×2 on a desktop to 1×3 on mobile;
  • Works together well with the under-article widget on a page;
  • Perfectly fit for long articles to break the “wall of texts”, which improve users experience. 
  • Medium visible rate as users have higher chance of scrolling through the ads. 


Q&A: MGID's smart native advertising widget for Google AMP ...

  • A feed with various ad formats (native ads, IAB display units, native video) that combines your internal content with the sponsored content.
  • Infinite scroll of native which has a wide variety of contents, hence higher CTR due to higher user engagement provided by internal re-circulation and video solution.
  • Shows outstanding performance in desktop devices, so it’s recommended for websites with a high percentage of desktop traffic;