Is everything that bad for the native advertising industry? Definitely not. Along with industries that have been in demand from the very outbreak, there are niches that successfully adapted during this crisis and even got a second wind. Having new opportunities opened in front of them, these companies understand the importance of well-thought advertising campaigns like never before. Gaming, grocery deliveries, online apps, and quite a few other industries are boosting their ad spend significantly.

Native Ads in times of Corona

The advertising industry isn’t an exception. For companies that had to hit the pause button, investing in advertising doesn’t seem to have any sense. Many brands that still operate also decide to take the precaution and cut costs on advertising campaigns.

The impact of the global pandemic on the world economy is undeniable. Enterprises, startups, and small businesses have to adapt to the changes brought by the lock down. It’s not just learning how to manage remote teams and trying to keep your pace to stay in business. For some brands, it’s about turning their marketing 180 degrees and applying completely different strategies. For others, the changes might not be so dramatic. But they still have to shift their goals or rethink how they should approach their audiences. In any case, everyone is affected in these times.

The world is changing and so does the advertising industry. While challenging us, these times also bring in something new. We took a look at the statistics, talked to native advertising experts, and leveraged our own experience to help you better understand how to approach native advertising during COVID-19. Read on to learn how brands are responding to the changes brought by the pandemic and what you should be focusing on now.

Native Ads in times of Corona

That’s why we don’t recommend that you stop your advertising campaigns completely. There are still lots of ways you can approach marketing during the lock down.
Even though you can’t drive as many sales as you did previously, it doesn’t mean you should stop building your brand.

Closed local gyms are offering free programs to workout from home on their Instagram account. Restaurants are sharing recipes for homemade meals with their clients. Theatres are streaming their performances online. Life is going on.

Have you noticed that you started to read more news articles, spend more time on social media, and/or learning online more than ever? Content consumption is up. Advertising costs are down. (due to the number of advertisers that stopped their campaigns). Although traditional banner ads might not be the best way to go now, native ads can prove to be extremely effective in these times.