You should know how it works!
Native advertising format is a format take care of advertisers. You should know that Adnetwork – not a side who pay for your traffic, the advertiser – is the one who pays for your traffic. More precisely, they pay for clicks from your website, and RIGHTNative advertising network help you optimize your ads space for send more clicks as possible. Find out more upon book of ra fixed kostenlos. After all, the final result is important, where clicks from your website will go.

Depending on the campaign from the advertiser, where they would like to receive the conversion. If the task is to get the user to go to the landing page then everything is too easy. Almost all advertisers offer their services, these services can be on sale or filling out a form or something ellse.

If you get $0.01 for a regular click, then with RIGHTNative you will receive revenue from every click. For example, if your user click on ad banner and go to landing page – that mean you will have revenue like $0.01 for first click , even if after first click a user from your page has filled out forms or made a purchase, then you will receive second revenue, percent from campaign.

How to get high eCPM?
What is the best place to optimize standard native ads?

Native advertising is not your usual standard banner ad with sizes 300×250, 300×600 or 970×250. Native advertising is branded content in editorial format, it is focused on value to the audience and is educational, informative and media in nature which merse with website content.

Standard Native advertising banner

The most suitable place for native advertising is under articles. Because the user often confuses banner with website content. Therefore, the CTR at a given location usually has more than 1%.

Smart Native

Which website categories are more suitable for native advertising?

Most native ad networks prefer to insert their native ad banner on news, sports, humor and movies categories.
If for a website with categories news, sports, humor, is a suitable place for articles, then a suitable place for a website for films is for detailed information, for a player, or for a recommended movie.

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