Native advertising 2020 is the future of digital networking

Statistics show that display advertising (including banner and interstitial) also video ads are the two most commonly used formats and account for a high proportion of the revenue of app developers. However, this trend is likely to change in the near future.

Setting user-centric goals, developers and publishers will choose to make money-making methods that harmonize with the user experience factor. Therefore, digital advertising experts, including Google, insist that the future of the industry will be led by Video and Native Ads (natural advertising).

Compared to Video, these ads are still somewhat inferior to revenue in the present time. But promising, in the future, native ads will have a significant impact on mobile advertising.
No longer a new concept, native ads are simply implementations of advertising message content in context with application content.

Native ads can be traded automatically, not related to content editor implementations like content marketing. Here, the message is deployed in harmony with the context and style of the app’s content page. This is also where native ads are displayed.

There are 2 main groups of Native Ads:

First-party Native Ad:
This is an ad created and operated within a particular company’s proprietary app, especially popular in content sharing and social networking applications. The most typical examples are: Facebook in-stream of Facebook, native advertising on FAN (Facebook Audience Network); or Twitter Tweet.

Third-party Native Ad:
Also known as native ads displayed on 3rd parties. These are advertisements that are operated and served by third parties, based on Inventory of the Publisher or app developer.

The biggest advantage of Third-party ads is to meet the great demand from the digital advertising market and technology support from the advertising network.

Currently, the market has technology vendors, capable of delivering native third-party ad formats. Supply meets demand. Advertisers can buy Native Ad; meet publishers, publish applications (Publisher) also sell Native Ad on an advanced technology platform.

One of the trusted native ads network today is RIGHTNative. This self-serve native platform help publisher increase their traffic and monetize ads’s income at the same time.

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