Native Advertising vs Content Marketing


As the world of internet marketing has very well developed in the past 15 years. As our digital ecosystem continues to grow so do the terms we utilize to define certain platforms or ways to spread the word about your products. In specifically, native advertising and content marketing.

So what are they? and why several businesses and marketers tend to use these words wrongly?, which leads to misunderstanding or showing the flaws in their knowledge when dealing with publishers. These content formats have very different meanings and capabilities, how they function individually.

Hence,  understanding the difference between these definitions is very importance, involving understanding how internet marketing is developing while planning for future. This blog from us will discuss these two formats and distinguish their difference.

Native Advertising & Content Marketing - the Differences

What is Native Advertising? 

Let’s cut it short for native ad because we’ve talked about this platform many times in the past blogs.

It’s one of the most sort after internet marketing platforms due to its characteristics of being able to be placed “seamlessly” within a website so that they don’t disrupt viewers’ experience. For example, between paragraphs, underneath an article which may not directly advertise for a service, but rather look like an article too. Read more relating to fixed book of ra. Here’s an example from Entreprenuer:

What Is Native Advertising and How to Use It | LinkedIn Marketing Blog

This platform often use relevant or interesting information to engage with the audiences that business is targeting. They often use very engaging headline to attract the users like above. And you can tell the difference from banner advertisement is the text like “ad” or “sponsored content”, otherwise the ad really lives up to it name.

What is Content Marketing? 

Let’s discuss about the other internet marketing platform, Content Marketing. Content Marketing is a much bigger idea, has a wider and longer-term focused goal. Similar to native advertising, content marketing provides knowledge to raise brand awareness while targeting an unique group of customers.

However, we will discuss the difference aspect of content marketing, it goes further in that its main focus is moreover to nourish the lead as part of a long-term process with the ultimate result being sales and conversions. Basically, it’s an on-going process that integrates into an overall marketing campaign.

This campaign usually includes content assets like videos, guides, newsletters, whitepapers, blogs, etc. Another important point is that media shared through content marketing is owned by the business that is actively sharing it, and can be an asset of theirs. While native ads traditionally run on a “pay to display” basis on websites or other platforms that the company doesn’t own.

To lead a campaign successfully, marketers want to stick to specific strategies. Planning their content plan into top, middle and bottom funnel strategy as like an example below:

Some last words…

So, sum up this blog, having the knowledge about difference internet marketing platforms is very important, especially these two aspects of digital marketing ( Native Ad and Content Marketing), for businesses and internet marketers to execute their campaign better. Native advertising is using other platforms rented space to spread awareness and redirect users to the content that business owned. While content marketing is a long-terms process with careful planning and specific strategies.

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