The freshly-inserted date handler might possibly be attempted just before all other day handlers integrated into Common Offer Parser

(Way more specifically, most of the date handlers is actually tried in “last in, first-out” order; i.e. the last handler as registered ‘s the basic one attempted, and the like backwards acquisition from registration.)

If your date handler returns None , or anything other than a Python 9-tuple date, or raises an exception of any kind, the error will be silently ignored and the other registered date handlers will be tried in order. If no date handlers succeed, then the date is not parsed, and the * _parsed value will not be present in the results dictionary. The original date string will still be available in the appropriate element in the results dictionary.

For individuals who build an alternate go out handler, you are recommended (although not expected) add an area it would be incorporated into this new second particular Common Offer Parser.


Most feeds implant HTML markup within this feed aspects. Certain nourishes actually embed other types of markup, eg SVG or MathML. Because so many provide aggregators fool around with a web browser (otherwise browser part) to exhibit stuff, Universal Feed Parser sanitizes inserted markup to get rid of issues that you can expect to angle cover threats.

  • reference.provide.subtitle
  • reference.provide.rights
  • resource.entry.term
  • source.entryway.summation
  • reference.entryway.posts

The unit tests to own HTML sanitizing tell you some examples of hazardous markup you to Common Feed Parser sanitizes automatically.

HTML Sanitization¶

Next HTML issues are permitted automatically (others are stripped):a beneficial, abbr, phrase, address, urban area, blog post, aside, tunes, b, larger, blockquote, br, option, fabric, caption, center, mention, code, col, colgroup, command, datagrid, datalist, dd, del, details, dfn, dialogue, dir, div, dl, dt, em, event-origin, fieldset, contour, footer, font, setting, heading, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, hr, i, img, input, inches, keygen, kbd, name, legend, li, yards, chart, eating plan, meter, multicol, nav, nextid, noscript, ol, production, optgroup, alternative, p, pre, progress, q, s, samp, point, look for, small, sound, provider, spacer, duration, struck, strong, sub, sup, desk, tbody, td, textarea, date, tfoot, th, thead, tr, tt, you, ul, var, movies

Another HTML qualities are allowed Edinburgh sugar babies automatically (others are stripped):abbr, accept, accept-charset, accesskey, step, line up, alt, autoplay, autocomplete, autofocus, axis, records, balance, bgcolor, bgproperties, border, bordercolor, bordercolordark, bordercolorlight, bottompadding, cellpadding, cellspacing, ch, difficulty, char, charoff, choff, charset, checked, cite, group, clear, colour, cols, colspan, compact, contenteditable, coords, studies, datafld, datapagesize, datasrc, datetime, default, slow down, dir, disabled, draggable, dynsrc, enctype, avoid, face, for, form, physique, galleryimg, gutter, headers, top, hidefocus, undetectable, high, href, hreflang, hspace, symbol, id, inputmode, ismap, keytype, identity, leftspacing, lang, number, longdesc, circle, loopcount, loopend, loopstart, lowest, lowsrc, max, maxlength, mass media, means, minute, multiple, label, nohref, noshade, nowrap, discover, maximum, development, ping, point-proportions, prompt, pqg, radiogroup, readonly, rel, repeat-maximum, repeat-minute, change, expected, rev, rightspacing, rows, rowspan, guidelines, range, selected, shape, proportions, duration, src, begin, step, summary, prevents, tabindex, address, layout, name, toppadding, types of, unselectable, usemap, urn, valign, value, variable, volume, vspace, vrml, width, link, xml:lang

SVG Sanitization¶

Another SVG aspects are allowed by default (others was stripped):an effective, animate, animateColor, animateMotion, animateTransform, circle, defs, desc, ellipse, foreignObject, font-face, font-face-name, font-face-src, grams, glyph, hkern, linearGradient, range, marker, metadata, missing-glyph, mpath, highway, polygon, polyline, radialGradient, rect, place, end, svg, button, text message, label, tspan, explore

The next SVG attributes are allowed automagically (all others are removed):accent-top, gather, additive, alphabetic, arabic-form, ascent, attributeName, attributeType, baseProfile, bbox, initiate, by, calcMode, cap-level, class, colour, color-leaving, posts, cx, cy, d, dx, dy, ancestry, screen, dur, end, complete, fill-opacity, fill-code, font-nearest and dearest, font-size, font-extend, font-build, font-variant, font-weight, out of, forex, fy, g1, g2, glyph-name, gradientUnits, holding, top, horiz-adv-x, horiz-origin-x, id, ideographic, k, keyPoints, keySplines, keyTimes, lang, mathematical, marker-prevent, marker-middle, marker-start, e, counterbalance, opacity, orient, supply, overline-standing, overline-density, panose-step 1, highway, pathLength, circumstances, preserveAspectRatio, r, refX, refY, repeatCount, repeatDur, requiredExtensions, requiredFeatures, resume, become, rx, ry, slope, stemh, stemv, stop-colour, stop-opacity, strikethrough-status, strikethrough-thickness, stroke, stroke-dasharray, stroke-dashoffset, stroke-linecap, stroke-linejoin, stroke-miterlimit, stroke-opacity, stroke-thickness, systemLanguage, address, text-anchor, to help you, transform, form of, u1, u2, underline-status, underline-thickness, unicode, unicode-assortment, units-per-em, thinking, adaptation, viewBox, visibility, depth, widths, x, x-level, x1, x2, xlink:actuate, xlink:arcrole, xlink:href, xlink:character, xlink:reveal, xlink:name, xlink:variety of, xml:legs, xml:lang, xml:place, xmlns, xmlns:xlink, y, y1, y2, zoomAndPan