To me, all of our Constitution sets you other than almost every other regions

Elaine – Colorado

We must end up being a dynamic owners and you can forever into the browse away of these wanting to weaken its coverage. The newest disaster out-of 9/11 has forevermore altered my personal viewpoints. Safeguards and you may laws have to go side-by-side, from inside the legal limits of our statutes. Thank-you ACLU. Edwyna – Hey

Our very own freedoms suggest nothing if we compromise the freedoms of anyone else for the an effective misbegotten try to feel safe. Eileen – Nyc

We should instead be involved in brand new guidelines our very own nation requires. If we believe that we cannot change the course of incidents – the fact we are able to. The great thing we could do is going to be involved and you will pay attention. Eileen – California

All sorts of people live in this country. All of our genius and all of our exceptionalism is the fact we are able to most of the real time with her in the serenity and with regard. We cannot let concern wreck that.

People that must destroy united states can do thus courtesy fear. You will find currently forgotten several of all of our independence courtesy fear and you can so much more will be missing later on if we succumb to help you politically backed anxiety. Elaine – Ca

You cannot uphold independence by denying it to your own citizens or by the shredding the balance or Liberties. Elaine – New york

On words of Patrick Henry: “Bring me personally [constitutional] versatility – or give me Passing.” I won’t alive my personal recent years inside worry! Eldon – Fl

It is especially if our company is below attack of course, if concern was inside it brand new we must sit agency within our protection off versatility. We simply cannot has versatility and liberty by permitting that it is inched of us regarding anxiety. Our freedoms and you will all of our Structure and Expenses regarding Liberties should not getting compromised because then the challenger will get obtained. Eleanor – Ca

The brand new men ladies who gave the lives on that historical go out won’t even admit the country now. I want to reside in brand new America away from my personal youth. not in the homes of your afraid, however the house of your own 100 % free. Eleanor – Florida

It is nice to make it relationship during the a somewhat authoritative ways. I ensure it is seem to, particularly when We start to feel depression concerning cruelty off particular human beings in order to anyone else. Amid discouragement I renew my personal relationship. Elisa – Texas

Genuine private versatility try not to occur in place of economic defense and independence. Individuals who are eager and you may away from a position will be the stuff where dictatorships are escort sites Davenport formulated. Franklin D. Roosevelt Elisha – Ny

All sorts of individuals passed away you to definitely date

Assist the People in america stand for a world antique”:Manage unto other people since you might have others create unto your.” Eliza Lloyd – DC

“The highest patriotism is a passion for an individual’s country strong sufficient to name they to another location basic.” –George McGovern E – KY

Cutting off our very own freedoms offers toward terror, lets al Queada a winnings, and you may function people who died following due to the fact, passed away when you look at the vain. It did not so we ought not to send one to content. Elizabeth – WA

Regarding beginning on the country, truth be told there was attacks into the Constitution in the name away from “protecting” the residents. These types of “reasons” have not, ever before already been rationalized. In the suspension out-of habeas corpus below President Lincoln, towards incarceration off Japanese People in america when you look at the “internment” camps while in the World war ii, America has long been reduced when the woman is allowed to succomb so you can worry. New so-titled “Patriot Operate” is yet another within the a long list of outrages that not just don’t include us, as well as damage people protections wherein The united states has usually stood. E – Florida

The freedoms must not at any time end up being negotiate getting defense. I have been availed to combat for those freedoms but letting them be usurped because of the people for any reason was a strike to the Composition and you can exactly what it signifies. Age – MI