Vigano instance: Who is the genuine author of this new blogs of Archbishop Vigano ?

You will find used an extensive studies of your parallels of style and content anywhere between Baronio’s messages and people we will today ascribe to Vigano II, to acknowledge this type of site away from 2020-2021 in the completely different of them of Vigano We, of the age 2018-2019

(Emmanuele Barbieri-Roberto de- Mattei) Who’s the true writer of the blogs regarding Archbishop Carlo ? Let’s attempt to offer a solution to issue that we raised chatib inside the Corrispondenza Romana ( here ), you start with a sure strategy: the analysis and you may evaluation of one’s blog site towards the messages away from almost every other people traceable on the internet. Just what when you look at the scientific slang is named stylometric browse.

Well, the study away from lexical and you can stylistic factors guides me to only one to you can author: “Cesare Baronio,” otherwise “Baronius,” copywriter and you may blogger, of 2010 to 2020, of the web log Opportune Importune.

Preferred to Baronio and you will Vigano II ‘s the app to help you progressives of your terminology “counter-chapel,”, “conciliar sect” ( right here this is where ) or “innovators” ( here that is where ).

Vatican Council II try repeatedly discussed by one another just like the an “idol.” To have Baronio, up to “the newest conciliar idol was overthrown, aided by the disappointed memory of the architects, it might be impossible to discipline brand new highest priests who have besieged Rome to possess fifty ages” (, here ). Vigano II, within his present Interviews toward Liturgy, as well as defines Vatican II as a keen idol and, like Baronio, sets good Vatican II-Novus Ordo Missae equivalence.

” Vigano II produces one “the fresh new architects of the liturgy” was indeed “prelates often suspected out-of belonging to Freemasonry, notoriously modern” ( here ) ; Baronio consequently speaks of “a great rite authored by the notoriously progressive and you may Masonic prelates” (, here ).

Brand new instructions of one’s the fresh liturgy so you’re able to Baronio is “published missals whose function are that an excellent plotline to mention to to possess editions regarding the some federal languages” (, right here ). To own Vigano II, these liturgical instructions “are formulated while the an outline, a great plotline susceptible to practically gifted actors selecting public applause” ( right here ).

To possess Baronio “the latest offertory disappears totally and also make opportinity for a beneficial Jewish prayer which have a pantheistic taste” (, here ); Vigano II describes which prayer because “Talmudic offertory” ( right here ).

Baronio and you can Vigano II, when making reference to the latest Novus Ordo from Paul VI, always discuss about it new “reformed rite” otherwise “Montinian rite

Predicated on Vigano “the new therefore-named ‘Gothic chasuble’ from the versions you to definitely preceded this new Council, especially in France, has-been that type of poncho hence following Council is enacted off towards the you since a recuperation of your unique form,” it is “an old in addition to liturgical fake” ( here ). Baronio composed one: “new conciliar chasuble was an excellent horrid poncho who’s got absolutely nothing to perform towards the planeta discussed because of the Saint Charles Borromeo (Instructionum fabricae, 1557), hence we find represented in lots of frescoes, paintings, miniatures and you may enamels since the Dark ages” (, right here ).

Vigano denounces “attempts to make reformed liturgy presentable with objectively useless procedures off maquillage” ( right here ). Baronio writes you to “businesses off ritual maquillage on the Novus Ordo are located in our look at condemned about majority of circumstances for miserable shipwreck” (, right here ).

It’s possible to continue forever, but what matters very outside the spoken coincidences is the identical build, hence expresses a good smug liturgical, theological, and you may historic studies you to Baronio possess flaunted getting ten years into the his blog but is totally absent on 2 years of societal comments of the Vigano We.